3 Simple Tips to Organize Your Garage - BestCan Windows & Doors - Ottawa Renovations 3 Simple Tips to Organize Your Garage - BestCan Windows & Doors - Ottawa Renovations
3 Simple Tips to Organize Your Garage

Is your garage your family’s dumping ground for sports equipment, seasonal clothing and accessories, tools, and everything else under the sun? That often makes keeping it neat, tidy and organized a major challenge, to say the least. Although it may seem daunting, there are a number of things you can do to help your garage and all of your storage stay organized. In this blog, we’ll reveal three simple things you can do to organize your garage.

  1. Use the Walls as Storage

One of the problems with organizing a garage is that there are so many different items that are shaped differently and weigh different amounts. It can be hard to store something like a shovel because it’s so oddly shaped. Where would it even go? For items like shovels, bicycles, rakes, hoses, and other equipment, hang them on your garage walls. Not only will this get all of the bulky, oddly shaped items out of your way, but it will provide you with easy access to them when needed. You’ll also no longer be worried about having to maneuver around all of these large items all the time. With these things out of the way, you now have much more room to store everything else that needs storage.

  1. Make Use of Drawers and Label Them

We’re sure you’ll be storing objects of varying sizes in your garage and one way to do this effectively is to use drawers. Sort out everything you have that needs to be stored by item. Then place each item in its respective drawer. This can be anything from nails and screws to power tools, to other hardware. Then purchase yourself a label maker and go ahead and label all of the drawers. This solves two problems for you: 1) you now have somewhere to store all of your stuff and 2) since it’s labelled, you’ll always know where to go to get whatever it is that you are looking for.

  1. Use Bins and Baskets

Another great organizational hack is to use bins and baskets wherever possible. The goal is to still keep the baskets organized, not to just throw in random junk. Buy a bunch of baskets, then take a look at the items you need to store. If it will be easier to store them in a bin or basket, go ahead and do so. Then you can label them, so you remember what’s in them. Bins and baskets fit nicely on shelves, so install shelving across your walls or get multiple shelving units. Put these alongside your garage walls, fill them with your organized bins and baskets and you’re good to go!

Now you have one extremely organized garage, and all it took was three simple steps! Your garage may just be the most organized garage on the block! What do you think? Will you be organizing your garage with one of these methods? We wish you luck during your organization journey!

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