4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Hardwood Floors Look Brand New - BestCan Windows & Doors - Ottawa Renovations 4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Hardwood Floors Look Brand New - BestCan Windows & Doors - Ottawa Renovations
4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Hardwood Floors Look Brand New

hardwood floorLooking for some easy and budget-friendly ways to make your hardwood floors look brand new again? We have some simple tips that should help you get your floors looking shiny and new in no time at all!

  1. Prevent Scratches at All Costs

It’s not always possible, but if you stay mindful about your hardwood floors, there’s less chance that they’ll get scratched up in the first place. Think things like having members of the household and guests remove shoes right away (especially high heels)! Put carpets down in high traffic areas to protect your hardwood floors. This tip comes in handy especially if you have pets and young children!

With pets, it’s best to keep their nails as short as possible and to get them trimmed frequently. When their nails are a suitable length, they don’t pose as much damage to your hardwood floors.

If you have young children, protect the floor in the areas that they play. You can either lay down carpet or put down one of those mats that are made for children’s play areas.

  1. Fix Small Dents with An Iron and Water

Chances are you have an iron somewhere in your house, making this solution budget-friendly. Pull it out for this tip and you have an easy way to fix those small dents.

To use this method, pour an ounce of water into the dent in your hardwood. You will want to ensure that there is enough water to completely fill not only the dent but the area around it as well.

The next step is to place a damp towel right over the dented area. Why? This adds moisture to the area and gives you a safe way to use the iron, so the heat isn’t directly on your hardwood, further damaging it. Once it has sat like this for a while, with the iron on the highest setting, press it into the towel and move the iron around in a circular pattern. Be sure to do this a few times until the cloth becomes dry. Once dry, take the towel off and assess the dent.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work the first time, you can just go through the process again.

If the dent is fixed, you will now need to add a finish to your hardwood floor.

  1. Clean Your Hardwood Floors Regularly

There’s nothing better for your hardwood floors than cleaning them regularly. Doing so will have your floors looking shiny and new in no time. You may even notice that once they’re clean, the dent doesn’t look so bad.

Use a floor cleaner that works well on the type of hardwood you have. Make sure it isn’t one that can damage your floors further. Since floor cleaners don’t cost a lot, this is also a budget-friendly alternative.

Clean frequently and you’ll be impressed by the difference it makes.

  1. Remove Scuffs

You’ll also notice when cleaning your floors that once scuffs are removed, the floor looks better in general.

If simply washing your floors didn’t remove the scuffs, a good hack is to use a magic eraser to get rid of them. You can get these for cheap from your local big-box store or even online.

Now you’re all set to get your hardwood floors looking

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