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5 Considerations to Make Before Installing a New Front Door

front doorWith spring only a month and a half away, you may be thinking about new renovation projects for your home. Replacing your front door may be something that’s on your list. If so, here are five considerations to make before going ahead with the installation of your front new door.

  1. Style

There are so many different styles of doors on the market that you’re sure to find something that meets your style as well as the style of your home.

Start by looking at different styles of doors online or in-store to get a feel for what your style is. Once you’ve narrowed down the different styles and determined your preference, you can start exploring other door features.

  1. Durability

No matter what style you decide to go with, you will also need to consider the durability of your new door.

The Entryguard doors we offer at BestCan provide many benefits when it comes to durable protection from the elements, including:

  • Anodized aluminum-clad PVC sweep
  • Less wear and tear than standard door sweeps
  • Very low sill height; ½ inch clearance
  1. Energy Efficiency

Replacing your front door is also a great opportunity to opt for something that is more energy-efficient than your old door. This not only means that your door will protect you from the elements, but it will also help lower your energy bills by keeping you from heating the outdoors with air that is escaping through your door.

Entryguard doors offer increased insulation with ½ inch more polyurethane foam and 30% more insulation than the average door. These doors also come with Triple Glazed insulated glass units with two low E coatings, giving your home 65% better thermal resistance.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is another important consideration when choosing a new front door for your home. Entryguard doors start with an airtight seal. The air weatherstrip surrounds the entire panel in a single, unbroken loop. There is also no air infiltration near the hardware or under the door. These doors also come with an air weatherstrip on the outside of the door.

These features offer up to four times less air infiltration than a standard door.

  1. Locks

It is also important that you have safe and secure locks installed on your new front door. One of the locks you can have added is a deadbolt. A dead-locking bolt prevents burglars from being able to open the locks on your doors with a credit card.

If you want to kick the security of your home up a notch, consider having smart locks installed. These locks allow you to unlock and lock your door through an app on your smartphone. This comes in handy if you forget to lock your door while rushing out to work or school.

There are a lot of smart home options out there when it comes to home security, so it’s also worth considering this when having a new door installed.

For more information on Entryguard doors, visit our website.

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