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5 Reasons To Renovate Your Basement
Sure, there’s something to be said about the unfinished basement and its utility as a storage area, play space, laundry room, home gym, and guest bedroom. However, it is not as efficient, or as profitable, as having a finished basement.

Maybe you’re thinking about building a man-cave, dreaming of a cozy getaway, or need to increase the usefulness of your space – whatever your motive, here are 5 reasons to renovate your basement:

5. Boost your home’s resale value
Not only are homes with finished, upgraded basements more marketable, they also offer a great return on investment. Most basement renovations can recoup between 50 and 70 percent of its original cost. Smart investment

4. Make Rental Income
If you don’t need the space, adding a separate living area to your home through a basement renovation can be a great idea for supplementing your income. It could bring in about $1000 a month in rental income, or more.

3. Double your living space
The basement is a perfect space for adding bedrooms, a home office, fitness room, family room, or playroom. By creating the perfect basement design that best suits your family can nearly double your living space.

2. Repair Damage
Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for basement renovations is to repair damage. Leaks and moisture can cause mould and mildew growth which is a hazard to your health, and needs to be dealt with right away. It could mean replacing drywall, insulation and flooring.

1. Entertaining
Eventually, life will settle down and we’ll be able to have people over once again. There is no better space to celebrate with friends and family than in a newly remodelled basement. From a wet-bar, to a games-room, to theatre style seating, now is a perfect time to hire your contractor to build the basement of your dreams.

Renovating your basement is a wise use of space, and whatever you choose to do with it, there is a BestCan crew that can help make it happen. Contact us today for your free, no obligation quote.

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