5 Simple Ways to Get Dried Paint Out of Your Carpet - BestCan Windows & Doors - Ottawa Renovations 5 Simple Ways to Get Dried Paint Out of Your Carpet - BestCan Windows & Doors - Ottawa Renovations
5 Simple Ways to Get Dried Paint Out of Your Carpet

dried paint on carpetThere’s so much that can go wrong when painting a room that you may not be very surprised to learn of dried paint on your carpet!

If this is the situation you’re in, we have some tips that will hopefully help you get your carpet back to its original state.

  1. Blotting Method

The easiest way to get paint off of your carpet is to catch it while it’s still wet. Once the paint dries on the carpet, it’s a whole other issue.

If you have just noticed a stain that’s just starting to dry, this is the best method to try.

Keep in mind that you never want to scrub a paint stain from the carpet. This just helps the paint settle quicker into the carpet fibres.

The best thing to do is to use a blotting method. This method consists of gently blotting up the paint from the carpet with a piece of paper towel.

You’ll notice that this won’t get the paint off in its entirety. You will need to use some dish soap to help you remove the rest of the paint.

So, to do this, combine warm water with a small amount of dish soap. Soak a rag in the solution and then use that to continue blotting out the paint stain until its completely gone.

  1. Scrape

Now, if your stain is completely dried, don’t panic! Grab a regular kitchen knife and start scraping away any pieces of paint that you can.

It’s imperative that you use a knife that is sharp enough to remove the paint but not too sharp that it will destroy the carpet fibres. Remember to always use caution when handling sharp objects.

Continuing scraping until you have gotten off all of the paint that you can without damaging the carpet.

  1. Soak

Now, combine a small amount of dish soap once again with warm water in a bowl. Pour the solution over the paint stain to help soften it. Leave it for a few minutes so it really soaks into the carpet.

  1. Scrape and Blot

You should now have a softened area of carpet that you can gently scrape at. As the paint starts to come loose, blot it away with a damp rag or piece of paper towel. Continue blotting until all of the stain has been removed. You may need to switch out your rag or grab a new piece of paper towel to finish the job.

  1. Steam

If you have a handheld steamer or know someone who does, this is the perfect opportunity to finally give it some use. If you don’t have a steamer, get out your trusty iron and turn it onto the steam setting. Use this method to try and steam the remainder of the stain away. You can try this multiple times for really stuck on stains.

We hope one of these tips and tricks will help get your carpet in tip-top shape again!

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