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5 Ways to Declutter Your Storage Room

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Whether you have a dedicated storage room in your home, or you use part of your basement or a spare room, it can be quite daunting when it comes time to declutter your storage room. After all, this is most likely the spot where things that you are no longer using go. Other members of your family probably throw their stuff in there too, making it even more of a challenge to declutter.

Don’t worry too much though, we’re here to give you five tips and tricks to make this process a whole lot easier.

  1. Organize Like Items Together

A good place to start is to take everything out and then organize like items together. This will add some order to the chaos and make it easier to find things once you’ve organized the area.

For example, if you’re holding onto baby essentials and toys, organize them in one area. The same goes for tools, old clothes, and kitchenware.

  1. Purchase Shelving and Containers

A great way to organize everything is to place it all on shelves in containers. The containers will help to keep things together, especially small bits. Go one step further and use clear containers. That way, when it comes time to find something, you don’t need to take every container down. All you need to do is peer inside to see what’s there.

  1. Label Your Containers

Purchase a label maker for this declutter and we promise it will be your new best friend. Besides peering into the clear containers to see what’s inside, you can also read the label, making life so much easier. Be sure to label each container and be as specific as possible. If there are more than just “tools” in the box, use your label maker to include any miscellaneous items that are inside the box. This is a great way to keep everything organized and accessible.

  1. Use Pegboard Shelving

Pegboards are a great storage solution for a variety of items, like tools and arts and crafts supplies. Not only are they super functional, but they look nice too! One of the great things about this solution is that you can change up what you store on it depending on what your needs are.

If you like to DIY projects, here’s your opportunity! All you need is some pegboard and a drill. Take it one step further by painting it in fun colours and now you have a custom piece for your storage room that you can take pride in every time you look at it!

  1. Buy a Clothing Rack

If you’re storing a lot of clothes, or live somewhere with four seasons, a clothing rack is a great way to store your clothes. It also provides you with an opportunity to see everything you have since it’s all on display. This surely beats rummaging through a box to find what you’re looking for.

This storage option also frees up space in your closet for out-of-season items.

Following these tips should help get you well on your way to having a decluttered and organized storage room!

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