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Basement Windows

Basement windows often go overlooked or are simply forgotten.  It could be due to their smaller size or the fact they are placed closer to the ground.  Regardless of the reason, basement windows are a key component in maintaining home energy efficiency and comfort levels.

basement windowsHomeowners are frequently reminded about the benefits of replacement windows.  If windows are difficult to open, have peeling paint, or have obvious air leaks, it may be time for window repairs or replacement.  Sadly, the focus is typically on surface or second story windows.  The out-of-sight, out-of-mind basement windows get pushed aside.

In Ottawa, if basement windows do not have properly dug window wells, a large accumulation of snow can spend months pushing on the glass.  This leaves the window exposed to high moisture levels, and potential wood rot or rusting.  If this sounds like your home, the team at BestCan strongly recommends having your basement windows examined by a windows specialist.  When it comes to basement window replacements, you will want to ensure it is a perfect fit.

New Windows In Winter?

New Windows In Winter?

Winter isn't exactly the most popular time to get your windows done. Typically, homeowners take care of window issues in the spring, after they’ve had to put up with leaky, old windows all winter long. Early fall is another common time to re-do windows because that’s...

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