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Benefits of a Basement Reno

The home is supposed to be where you can be the most comfortable and vulnerable; a sanctuary where the whole family is able to relax. Planning to renovate certain spaces in the home is always a good idea (especially if you live in an older home).

Many people with an unfinished basement leave it that way because they’ve grown accustomed to the extra storage space. Making the decision to utilize the space for more than that can prove to be quite beneficial. The following are some of those benefits.

Can Add a Bedroom

Finishing a basement can allow you to increase the size of the home. If the current home is only two bedrooms, you may be able to add one or even two additional bedrooms by finishing the basement space. In most towns, in order for the space to be considered an actual bedroom, it must have two forms of egress, as well as a closet. Building a closet is simple enough.

Can Add a Bathroom

Just as finishing a basement can allow you to add a bedroom to the property, it can also allow you to add a bathroom. It can be a big draw to have a two bathroom home instead of a one bathroom home. Adding a bathroom will be more expensive than simply putting up drywall to divide other rooms. You need to spend money on a plumber if you cannot do the work yourself, as well as on the various plumbing fixtures. Tiling the bathroom will also cost money. While the initial cost may be greater when adding a bathroom, the functionality it offers to the homeowners may be an invaluable investment and therefore help you get the property sold quickly.’ (Erin Eberlin,

At BestCan your Ottawa home renovation specialist, we can help you improve your home with the perfect basement renovation. Get a free quote today!

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