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Benefits of Replacing Exterior Doors

Making an upgrade is always nice; whether it’s a phone, car, wardrobe or otherwise, investing in things that make you happy is always a great confident booster and an upgraded version of what you already had will allow you to continue doing what you were doing, but in a more efficient way.

Investing into your home is important as well. Buying quality products and having them professionally installed not only provides peace of mind, but once properly maintained will ensure that you are able to keep thing consistently moving forward. The exterior doors of your home have an immense responsiblity when it comes to keeping you safe, and with each passing year can become more vulnerable to weather and security breaches.

Here are some of the benefits of replacing the exterior doors of your home:

Steel and fiberglass doors have more durability over older wood models. They have reinforced cores that resist warping. The exterior construction and materials also prevent other forms of weathering in terms of chipping, peeling and bubbling. Steel, fiberglass and wood doors often last a lifetime, depending on the quality of the materials used. Their primary difference in their durability is mostly in terms of their maintenance, as wood doors may require more periodic repainting due to their natural material, which is more susceptible to weather damage. Paint fiberglass or steel varieties with an oil-based paint to serve as a barrier to the elements. Alternately, finish a stained-wood door using at least three coats of polyurethane with an ultraviolet formula to protect it for many years to come.

Look for energy efficiency when installing a new exterior door. New doors usually have better insulation properties, which allows them to hold heat in during winter and keep it out during summer. Most steel and fiberglass doors are filled with a polyurethane foam insulation and include built-in weather stripping on the bottom to create a barrier to weather elements such as extreme wind, hail or snow. A typical 1-inch-thick, windowless steel or fiberglass door usually has insulating properties that are five times greater than the same-size solid wood door.

New technologies often make updated exterior doors more secure than older varieties. Quality fiberglass and steel styles are particularly strong and usually have locking capabilities that surpass older wood doors. Their new designs are layered to resist forced entry. Usually constructed in sections glued together, a modern door is either molded from one piece on each side of the door or fused together by new techniques such as industrial lasers or updated adhesives, which creates a stronger door. Paired with up-to-date bolt-locking systems and wide-angle peepholes, upgrading your door can mean upgrading your home security.’ (source:

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