Go Big. Go Bold. Go Bay & Bow. 

Originally used in castles during the English Renaissance period, bay windows and bow windows remain the perfect window style to showcase a great view. They are perfect for opening up a space or drawing attention to a natural outdoor focal point.

Bay windows are composed of three windows in varying widths, designed to extend from your home. They varied window panes are noted for accentuating a view and making a room more spacious. Bow windows are similar to bay windows, save the fact they can be larger than three windows and all are joined at equal angles to create an impressive curve effect.

Another popular solution that mirrors the look and feel of bay and bow windows are “picture” windows. In this case, three different windows can be installed, often side-by-side or with small spaces between.

Not sure what option best suits your home or space? A window installer, like the team at BestCan, can help help guidance on which model is best suited.

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