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How To Choose Patio Doors

Whether it’s for the home that you and your family reside in, or a commercial/investment property the choices you make regarding different elements of the property need to be given considerable thought. Beyond just the aesthetics, doing your research to determine what options are available that can help to optimize the space and effectively meet your needs is important.


Doors are key for any room and the type of door used is dependent on the room it is helping to enclose and the overall look that is trying to be achieved. Patio doors are usually a part of a kitchen or living room which can provide access to the back exterior of a property. The right patio door choice can help to effectively bring in more natural light into the space and provide a seamless transition from one space to the other.

Here are some great tips when choosing patio doors:

  • Choose a material that is durable and easy to maintain, especially if you plan on using your patio door as a main entrance to your home. Vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and clad-wood patio doors weather well and never need painting.
  • Since glass is a major component of patio doors, you’ll want to select the right type with the most benefits and efficiency. Low-E glass helps lower energy bills all year and protects against UV fading. decorative tempered glass offers privacy and added style, while still letting in natural light. Look for options like internal blinds and grills to control the light and views.
  • Choose a design that has a wide doorway to provide greater access and stronger connection to your outdoor living space. Look for folding patio door systems or integrate multiple French and swing doors into your design.
  • Just like your home’s exterior siding, the material of your patio door is equally important to your home’s overall look. Be sure the quality and style of your patio door complements your home. For example if your home is cedar, you’ll want to use a solid wood or high-end fiberglass patio door rather than a vinyl sliding door. French sliding doors offer the most design options, because you can select the door style, accessories and glass. If you want your patio door to have the same architectural style and feel of your front entry and garage doors, than you’ll want a hinged or French door, rather than a sliding patio door, which is basically all glass. (source:

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