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How to Choose Vinyl Siding Colours

We’ve installed vinyl siding on countless homes in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario region. While you might think getting a quote is forefront on most homeowners minds, you might be shocked to discover the number one question is: “How do I choose the right vinyl siding colour?”

Granted there are plenty of websites and blog posts which will tell you the most popular colours, but what if they don’t make you go wow. What should you do? According to our professional team of installers, there are a few considerations which may help narrow down your choice.

  • First, look at the size of your home. When you are handling colour swatches, remember you are only seeing a tiny little piece of the colour. While dark colours may look stately or invoke a rustic charm, they can also come across as overpowering or make your home look like a “morgue” (we say this, as a client purchased a home with dark grey vinyl and she always felt it looked morbid!). Alternatively, very pale colours can look washed out. Think back to middle school art classes: Dark colours draw attention. Light colours can neutralize.
  • What colour is your roof? If you have an asphalt roof, is it new or close to end of life? If you’ve got another 30 years to go, then your roof colour is a major consideration. You do not want to choose a clashing colour! If you roof is dark (many homes in Ottawa tend to favour browns, blacks, grey), you may wish to have your vinyl siding specialists guide you towards the light to mid-scale colours.

  • What style is your home
    ? Home in Ottawa greatly vary in architectural styles. Take into consideration the visual elements of your home; Victorian, Mid-Century, Colonial, Contemporary. Consider playing up colours that were popular in the era your home was built. In contrast, homeowners could go to the opposite end of the spectrum, choosing instead of use very modern colour palettes to emphasize the home or the surrounding landscape.
  • mitten vinyl siding coloursSpeaking of landscape, look at the homes in your neighbourhood or town. Are you considering a colour that still stand out or draw attention? Ask yourself if you are trying to blend in or if you want to be the splashy neighbour.
  • Will your colour choice impact the resale of your home? It’s one thing to showcase your love of colour, but remember life circumstances can change at any time. While you may love the bright red vinyl or burnt orange, others may consider the choice a little over-the-top. Select a few of your favourite colours, then ask for a second opinion from a professional installer or even a real estate agent.
  • We were going to stop at #5, but one of our installers had a must share tip. Always, always, always view the vinyl siding samples in person! Remember that colours vary from computer monitor to phones to tablets. Not to mention it can be difficult to see the fine patterns on a screen. While using the online tools to see what a colour will look like on a similar home is great, it pays to visit a showroom or have vinyl samples brought to your home for review.
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