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Choosing The Right Windows

Life is full of moments where decisions have to be made, and the only way to be comfortable with said choices is when you are fully informed about everything from the start.

Windows are an important part of any home, and making the right window option for a particular part of your home is crucial. Beyond aesthetics, different window types can provide varying levels of light, energy and visibility into the home.

The following are some important tips to consider when choosing windows:

Selecting the right window for the amount of ventilation needed

One of the most essential purposes of a window is to let ventilation and movement of fresh air in and out of your rooms. Deciding which type of window suits your needs will help determine the type of window. Many rooms have operable windows, which mean they can be opened or closed as needed. Fixed windows cannot be opened and are used in rooms that large expansive windows are small windows are used. Generally most homes have a combination of both types.

Choosing windows that appeal to your interiors

While the exterior aesthetic of your windows are important, remember how the window functions and appeals to your interiors can create an experience inside your home. In bathrooms – look to windows that will let in light, but not provide direct viewing angles from the outdoors (unless view is obstructed, on a higher level than the ground, etc…) In public spaces, decide if the view warrants large picture windows that let in maximum light and view or if the function of the room warrants different sized and shaped windows. (Ronique Gibson,

At BestCan your Ottawa home renovations specialist, we can help you choose and install the right windows for your whole home. Get a free quote today!

Get Up To $5,000 With The Canada Greener Homes Grant

Get Up To $5,000 With The Canada Greener Homes Grant

At BestCan, we know that replacing outdated doors and windows with modern, energy-efficient products are some of the best steps that a household can take to lower its utility bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe the Canada Greener Homes Grant will...

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