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Energy Star – Windows, Doors and More

energy star ottawa windows doorsHydro One customers across Ontario have been receiving Home Energy Reports. Regardless of what you think about the validity of this social benchmarking program, the additional reminders and tips about how to reduce energy consumption are beneficial.

In a recent received Home Energy Report, the Canadian ENERGY STAR® program was one such reminder. While many consumers know to look for the ENERGY STAR® certification logo on household appliances, we realized not everyone realizes ENERGY STAR® ratings are also applied to replacement windows and entry door products.


ENERGY STAR® certified products do not receive approval from Natural Resources Canada without being able to meet strict technical specification. Appliances and home improvement products are tested and typically only those in the top 15 to 30 percent receive the designation. When shopping for new products, consumers are strongly advised to seek out the labels – which can include ENERGY STAR® High Efficiency and the coveted annual designation for ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient.

ENERGY STAR® & BestCan Home Improvements

At BestCan, we strongly recommend installing ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors. These products are accredited and certified by Natural Resources Canada. The modern labelling illustrates the suitable climate zones (essential here in Canada) for the specific window or door and provides homeowners with the knowledge their chosen product is not only energy efficient but offers long-term durability.


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