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Energy Star Windows – What are they?

Windows are the essential part of any home. They provide a view in to the outside world and also bring in natural light. In some houses, there is too much of light coming inside which can disturb people and also damage the furniture. To prevent this, people usually use thick drapes so that some of the light is blocked. With the new energy star windows, you can avoid spending on drapes while also enjoying the view. Read on to find out more about energy star and their windows.

What is Energy Star?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created Energy star in 1992 for higher energy efficiency. Developed by John S. Hoffman, Energy Star aims at promoting the manufacture of energy efficient products. Products carrying the energy star mark would generally use about 30% less energy.

There are more than 50 types of Energy Star products including windows, computers, lightings and kitchen appliances. Energy Star products have certain specifications (which differ with each product) that are set by Department of Energy or the EPA. The purpose of Energy Star is lowering the consumption of energy, protecting the environment while also helping you save money.

What are Energy Star Windows?

new windows ottawaThese windows are specially designed windows to ensure that there is no unnecessary heat loss or gain. These windows have invisible glass coating, which reduce the emission of air pollutants and other greenhouse gases. These energy efficient windows have spaces between the panes, which are vacuum sealed and filled with inert gases.

Benefits of Energy Star Windows

  • They can block almost 70% of the heat during summers, thereby keeping your home cooler.
  • Compared to other windows, they can reflect radiant heat indoors. This will keep your homes warmer during winters.
  • With direct exposure to sunlight, the furniture, flooring, photographs and other accessories can lose color or fade. With advanced special coating on their glasses. This Low E coating can help reduce the fading or discoloration by about 75%.
  • Energy star windows experience reduced condensation. In an ordinary inefficient window, when the frame gets cold, the interior surface experiences condensation. With time, this becomes chronic condensation. This can lead to damage of the window sills, cracking of the paint and even appearance of mold.

bay windows ottawaHowever, the presence of spacers, extra glass coating and other technologies in the Energy Star qualified windows reduces the probability of condensation. So, you can be sure of a clear view from your bedroom window on winter mornings too.

Investing in energy star windows is the smart choice as you can expect energy savings of up to 15%.

Start practicing energy saving methods by going for energy efficient products. Do your bit and help in saving the environment for the future generations to come. Give Bestcan a call today!

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