Fall is the perfect time to check off items on your home improvements list. And if replacement windows are a top priority, you owe it to yourself to connect with the team at BestCan.

Thanks to innovative new materials, today’s windows go well beyond improving the energy-efficiency of your home. They can also improve your view with the outdoors. If letting the light shine in, without having to worry about harmful UV rays or annoying water spotting, is a must-have, then you’ll love the Simply Clean glass from VinylBilt


Simply Clean Features

  • It harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt, making it easy to wash your windows
  • No one loves having to clean windows, so with Simply Clean, rest assured your windows will stay clean, longer!
  • A thin layer of silicone dioxide makes the exterior glass surface super smooth
  • The super smooth surface of Simply Clean allows rainwater to “sheet off” and evaporate quickly. Goodbye unwanted water spots!
  • Simply Clean comes standard with all Vinylbilt products when ordered with LoE Glass
If you want windows that stay clean longer, ask the BestCan Windows & Doors team about Simply Clean.

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