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Going Green with Canadian Asphalt Shingles

Residential and commercial property owners are more focused than ever on going green. From fuel efficient cars to eco-friendly products, everyone is doing their part for the environment. The building and renovation industry is no different.

With more consumers demanding ecological products without compromise to durability and quality, we are seeing incredible advancements in the windows, doors, siding, and most importantly, roofing industries.

In recent years, Canadian-made asphalt shingles are setting the standard when it comes to a positive environmental impact. Here are some of the reasons BestCan chooses to only supply and install Canadian-made shingles.


  1. Canadian shingles can be recognized by programs like the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED). One of the ranking factors used in LEED is the volume of “recycled content” in the shingles, coupled with local availability. Which leads to our next point.
  2. Canadian asphalt shingles produced close to major urban centers can be shipped with reduced transportation requirements, thus decreasing the carbon footprint. Under LEED, this is considered a credit to the manufacturer, as they are providing “regional materials”.
  3. Quality asphalt shingles are designed for our varied Canadian climate, and are noted for a long life span. For this reason, they are considered a sustainable construction material.
  4. Old shingles and factory remnants from new shingles are being recycled into paving materials. In Canada, roadways, driveways and parking lots are showing signs of prolonged life when the fibrous asphalt singles are mixed into the compound.
  5. Salvaged shingles are also being used as fuel in cement kilns.
  6. Canadian shingle manufacturers must comply with strict government requirements for clean air emissions.
  7. Finally, asphalt shingles are the perfect mounting surface for solar panels and solar water heaters. Excellent for those homes or businesses who truly want to harness solar energy, and “go green”.
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