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Grill Safety: Avoid Melted Vinyl Siding

Summer has officially arrived, and with it comes peak grilling season. Canadians love being able to spend time outdoors with family and friends, and many a meal will be cooked on a barbecue.

Unfortunately, summer is also the peak month for grill fires. Thousands of preventable personal injury and property damage accidents will be reported in June, July and August.

The team at BestCan has already been called out to replace melted vinyl siding. In taking with the homeowners, we wanted to ensure others avoid the same fate. By following a few basic steps, you can keep your family, friends and property safeguarded.

BestCan’s Grill Safety Tips

  1. Propane cylinders should be stored outside. Keeping them inside a garage, vehicle, or near a heat or ignition source can be deadly.
  2. Your grill or barbecue should be positioned on a non-combustible surface, at least 10 feet (three metres) from all buildings, overhands, fences, trees, compost bins and garbage receptacles.
  3. Always inspect and clean your grill before use, as debris can block the flow of gas. The leading cause of BBQ fires are food particle residue, rust, bugs and spiders, and leaves.
  4. Routinely check the gas hose for breaks or leaks. Replace at the first sign of cracking or damage.
  5. Propane leaks can be detected by applying a soapy solution to all connections. If bubbles appear, do not use your grill until the leak is repaired.
  6. Have lava rocks? Be sure to remove your lava on a regular basis, clean any grease build-up, and replace with new rocks.
  7. To ensure propane is not trapped in your line: Turn off the cylinder value, followed by the gas controls.
  8. Finally, Never leave a barbecue or grill unattended!

We hope these reminders help you and your family enjoy a fun and festive summer. Now get outside, and enjoy some good food, with good friends.

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