When it comes to home improvements and renovations, we all want to save a few dollars. Yet there are certain projects which benefit from training and experience.

Why should you hire a professional window installer?

A trained expert will not only recommend various types of new windows to suit your budget and style, they can quickly assess your current window openings to see if any repairs need to be done. In particular, the window opening building codes for bedrooms has changed. A professional will know the correct egress size and can resize the opening for you. Ensuring a proper fitting and seal, and knowing the proper safety installation procedures, is best left to a professional. – Anne Raegan

If you are interested in comparing the benefits of a DIY window upgrade versus hiring a professional, we recommend reading Anne Raegan’s article. She carefully walks homeowners through the pros and cons, ensuring you have a full range of considerations before jumping in. Visit Window Installations: DIY vs Hiring a Pro

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