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Home Upgrades That Yield The Best ROI

Upgrading parts of the home is something homeowners should always consider doing. Whether a home is purchased new or secondhand, a space can always be improved and optimized to become more functional. At BestCan our goal is to help clients improve their homes with our professional upgrade services, which help compliment the overall integrity of the property. When your home looks good and works well, you can truly have peace of mind.


Home Upgrades that Yield the Best ROI - BestCan

Getting the Best Return on Investment

The decision to upgrade a home is usually never entered into lightly. Investing time and money into the environment where you and your family reside requires careful thought and strategizing. Beyond that, choosing what parts of the home to upgrade that will yield the great potential for a return on investment (ROI) is key. Remodelling Magazine conducted a study which outlined the top home upgrades for the best return on investment, and they include:

Window Replacement
Siding Replacement
Entry Door Replacement
Bathroom Addition/Remodel
(source: remodeling.hw.net)

Siding, windows and the entry door represent the main exterior focal points of any given home, and are an immediate reflection of what the integrity of that home may be. Bathrooms (and kitchens) represent heavily trafficked spaces that require elements able to withstand consistent usage. Getting the best return on investment with these particular upgrades requires the strategy and expertise of a professional Ottawa home renovation company. Learn more about how BestCan can help with your home’s upgrade and request a free quote today!

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