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Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

For most people the purchase of property is usually the biggest investment they will make in their life. This means ensuring that the investment is solid before it’s made, and doing what’s necessary to promote improved growth. At BestCan your Ottawa home renovation professional, our goal is to help clients improve the look and overall integrity of their homes.

Tips to Increase Your Home's Value - BestCan - Ottawa Windows & Doors


Valuable Home Upgrades laid out some of the most important considerations to make when for home upgrades that will yield the biggest return on investment. The most notable include kitchen, flooring and bathroom upgrades. “Kitchens are the single most important room in the home relating to valuation. As such, it is crucial that you invest in having a modern, fresh and desirable kitchen. Flooring is one of the most important aspects of your house. You will see an immediate rise in property valuation with the installation of hardwood floors. The bathroom is the second most important room in the home in terms of valuation. If you can add a three-piece bathroom to a home with only one full bathroom, you will see a dramatic rise in the market value of your home.” (source:

Another crucial consideration to make when upgrading your home and improving its overall valuation are choosing effective and eco-friendly windows. Right now the GreenOn program can help you get new windows and save at the same time. Click to learn more about how we can help!

New Windows In Winter?

New Windows In Winter?

Winter isn't exactly the most popular time to get your windows done. Typically, homeowners take care of window issues in the spring, after they’ve had to put up with leaky, old windows all winter long. Early fall is another common time to re-do windows because that’s...

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