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Is Your Home Prepared for Winter?

home in winterNow that the official start of winter is quickly approaching, is your home winter ready? Our homes are subject to brutal winter snowstorms and have to stand up to snow and ice all winter long. You don’t want to have to deal with such things as leaks in windows and doors, for example, so it’s best to prepare your home before winter truly begins. In this blog, we’ll give you five tips that will help you prepare your home for winter.

  1. Windows and Doors
    A leak in your windows or doors will let all of the hot air out of your home and let all of the cold winter air in. Inspect them for leaks to make sure they are properly sealed. To do this, check the weather-stripping around each of the windows and doors in your home. If you find there is a leak somewhere, replace the weather-stripping as soon as possible. If you find there is a draft coming in from any of these places, it’s a good idea to fill those with caulking both inside and outside so your house stays nice and toasty warm this winter. This is also a good opportunity to examine your wooden frames for rot or decay. If you find that they are rotting, it’s time to replace them.
  2. Gutters
    Now it’s time to take out a ladder and check out your gutters. Before winter truly hits, it’s a good idea to clean out your gutters. This way you can make sure it’s clear of any debris. If your gutters get clogged during winter, they’ll have trouble draining the rain and melting snow which could result in leakage into your home. You’ll also want to check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they’re properly fastened. Re-secure them if necessary.
  3. Roof
    Your roof must be in tip-top shape to handle all of the snow that will be accumulating on it. Check to make sure all shingles are in place and are not damaged or missing. While you’re up there, check around your chimney for deteriorated flashing on both your chimney and walls. If you find there are gaps anywhere, seal the joints using roofing cement and caulking. It’s also important to ensure all vents and other openings are covered.
  4. Heating and Ventilation
    Check your fireplace for any drafts. If you do find a draft, it may be an indication that the damper is damaged in some way. You can fix this by installing a chimney balloon, so the area gets sealed off tightly and properly. With the approach of winter, it’s a good idea to replace the air filter in your furnace as well.
  5. Deck
    Is all of your summer furniture safely put away inside? Does your barbeque have a cover on it? Before we get hit with tons of snow, make sure you’ve walked around your property to ensure you’ve put all of your summer stuff away. If you don’t have room to store them, cover them with a heavy tarp.

If you need help winterizing your home, give the professionals at BestCan a call at 613-226-7611. We would be happy to help!


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