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Key Reasons to Replace Your Windows

new-windows-and-doors-06More often than not, homeowners and landlords contact the experts at Ottawa’s Bestcan Home Renovations to replace old windows with new, energy-efficient models.  Typically the goal is to improve comfort but did you know there are other key reasons to replace your windows?


According to National Resources Canada, aging fenestration products (windows, doors, and skylights) can be a significant source of energy loss. In turn, they can provide a “potential source of energy gain through the glass”. By replacing outdated windows with Energy Star certified products, you can expect to reduce your energy consumption, increase your home’s comfort level, and have less condensation or risk of mold and mildew when compared to traditional windows.


Today’s windows boast improved designs and more insulation than products manufactured even 10 years ago. Technology is ever-evolving and fiberglass or foam-filled vinyl frames and sashes, low emissivity glass, and even hardware advances are making windows airtight and efficient. These enhancements offer superior sound suppression, and many BestCan clients immediately comment on the newfound peace and quiet.


Stronger glass and durable hardware not only contribute towards improved sound suppression but have aided in reducing break-ins.


Much like landscaping, windows and doors play an integral role in defining curb appeal. Thanks to advancements in window manufacturing processes, a wide variety of styles and colours are readily available. Advances in glass clarity and UV protection also play a factor in making your home lighter, brighter and welcoming.
In the event you plan to sell your home in the near future, be sure to ask your window installer about transferable window warranties. Trust us, buyers appreciate this benefit.

BESTCAN – Window Shopping Made Easy

When it comes to shopping for energy-efficient windows, there are countless options to consider. If you are in the Ottawa, Gatineau or Eastern Ontario region and need assistance making the best selection for your home or cottage, the team at Bestcan is ready to help. Contact us today for your no-obligation consultation and quote.

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