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Why The Kitchen is the Most Essential Room In Your Home

A kitchen renovation adds value to your house because it increases the value of your home and adds value to your life.  Lets face it, we almost always end up in the kitchen. When we are over at a friends or family’s house, for any event big or small; even when we have guests over at our own homes, the food is eaten on the table, but the hang out spot is continuously going to end up being in the kitchen. Why is that? Maybe it’s because it always smells so good (like food!), or maybe there is more to it that we just don’t realize.

It is a question that is commonly asked at some point in our lives, or at least an observation we have all made once or twice. No matter how hard we try to fight it, we all end up in the kitchen, time and again, celebrating and interacting with our friends and family. Sometimes, we even hang out in the kitchen by ourselves while we read a book, newspaper, or scroll through our phones. No matter what, we always end up in the kitchen.

Going back a bit further, hunter-gatherers would gather around the campfire waiting for their food to cook. Much like how we sit around the kitchen today, they would sit around the fire telling and listening to stories and songs. Could it be that we have deep routed traditions that we cannot seem to shake off? It seems those habits have not changed much over the past millions of years, and its easy to see why this room is still so special today.

This must be why when choosing your next home, one of the most important rooms to consider seems to be the kitchen. The kitchen will be an important factor when deciding which home you like best. If you are looking for, selling, or living in a home, the kitchens presence is essential. At BestCan your Ottawa home renovation specialist, we can help you achieve the perfect kitchen that will optimize the space and add value to your home!

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