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How to Live In An Eco Friendly House

The more environmentally conscious we are, the better and more comfortable we will be. When thinking about upgrading to an eco friendly house it’s important to consider the impact which eco friendly upgrades can offer, and ensure that they are being completed by professionals that are properly accredited (which BestCan is!)

How To Live In An Eco Friendly House - BestCan Ottawa


As television and the internet continue to play a large role in how we are influenced, it’s important to embrace these great resources of information; offered some interesting eco-friendly home improvement and building products to be mindful of, which include:

Eco-Friendly Home Renovation Techniques

– composite decking
– paper-based countertops
– natural linoleum flooring
– recycled glass countertops

Replacing your windows with more energy efficient ones are not only a great way to make your home more eco friendly, they can help you save money as well! The Green Ontario Fund is an initiative that provides ways for people and businesses to lead more environmentally friendly lives and provide important incentives when it is done properly. BestCan is certified as a qualified installer of green windows, which means we can effectively help improve your home. Choose us for your window upgrade, and we can help you save! Get a free quote today.

New Windows In Winter?

New Windows In Winter?

Winter isn't exactly the most popular time to get your windows done. Typically, homeowners take care of window issues in the spring, after they’ve had to put up with leaky, old windows all winter long. Early fall is another common time to re-do windows because that’s...

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