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Meet the Future of Window Insulation – ETI Foam

BestCan is a family owned and operated replacement windows, doors and home improvement firm based out of Ottawa. As a family company, we know first hand the demands and pressures today’s family faces. Which is why we strive to work with like-minded manufacturers – those who appreciate how hard it can be to finance much-needed home renovations.

One of the things our team seeks out is products that can improve and increase the efficiency in a home. Which is why we are thrilled to showcase the Engineered Thermal Insulation (ETI) system that VinylBilt utilizes.


Vinylbilt’s Engineered Thermal Insulation (ETI) foam system combines the performance of engineered rigid insulating foam bars with empty air space to achieve maximum thermal insulation. In other words, it consists of a specialized foam piece that is inserted in the window frame to achieve better insulation.

ETI foam has been able to improve a window’s Energy Performance Rating by up to 4%, which ultimately results in a substancial savings on your heating and cooling bills! Furthermore, by reducing heat and cold transfer through the window sash and frame, ETI foam helps to reduce condensation on the glass surface which improves the air quality inside your home. An added benefit is the fact that ETI foam is eco-friendly, thanks to the fact it is recyclable and does not release harmful chemicals into the environment.


VinylBilt inserts the ETI foam bars into the larger window cavities and maximum thermal insulation is achieved when it is used in combination with empty air space. The following is an image from VinlyBilt to provide a better overview of the foam locations.

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