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New Windows In Winter?
Winter isn’t exactly the most popular time to get your windows done. Typically, homeowners take care of window issues in the spring, after they’ve had to put up with leaky, old windows all winter long. Early fall is another common time to re-do windows because that’s when the first cold drafts sneak in to remind us that our windows need attention.

But, can you replace windows in winter? Yes!

Whether you’re making a home more efficient or fixing up a few drafty windows, working on windows in the middle of winter can be surprisingly effective.

Energy Saving Options

There are a number of options for upgrading the energy efficiency of your windows, such as servicing hardware like; latches, cranks and locks, repairs with caulking and weatherstripping, or adding glazing and storm windows. Sometimes, the best choice is a total window replacement with new, high-performance ENERGY STAR® certified windows.

Tip: Don’t forget that it’s your responsibility to make sure your window installers have access to windows around your house. That means you’ll need to clear any snow and ice away before they start work.

Prepping For Winter Window Replacement

Today’s windows are designed to handle all types of temperatures and weather conditions, but window replacement in the winter can take a little longer because, to reduce heat and energy loss, they’re usually changed one at a time. A good contractor (like Bestcan) will close off the working room so the rest of the home isn’t exposed to the elements. They’ll also plan ahead and protect your floors by laying down a tarp to reduce the amount of mud, snow and water tracked in.

Winter Window Replacement Advantages

Replacing windows during the cold months can make a big difference right away. On top of the extra warmth and comfort, homeowners can see significant energy savings for the rest of the heating season. Another advantage is work is often easier to schedule during winter because it’s not the busy season for window replacements. Also many installers offer discounts, sales, or other incentives during the c-c-cold stretch before spring.

Windows and doors can account for up to 25 percent of total house heat loss.

Proper Installation Is Key

A professionally executed window installation is effective at any time of year, but no matter how expensive or efficient your windows are, their protection won’t last long if they aren’t installed correctly. Ultimately, the effectiveness of your window replacement depends on two factors: the quality of the windows, and the quality of the installation. They work together to keep the snow, rain, sleet, hail, sleet, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us, at bay.

Like the thousands of customers we’ve helped through the years, you can trust BestCan to deliver high quality work with the best materials. For more information, call our team today at (613) 226-7611 or email

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