bestcan ottawa vinylbiltWhen it comes to windows and doors, age plays a factor in efficiency. Yet the challenge for many homeowners is determining “just how old” their windows happen to be. If the windows are original to a home and were installed pre-1990, it is safe to assume the glass or frame components are probably inefficient – at least by today’s standards.

Wood and metal frame windows were notorious for conducting heat to the outside – leaving them cold to the touch in the winter months or swelling shut in the summer months. Condensation is another common complaint from homeowners with dated windows. In many cases, condensation is typically caused by moisture build-up inside the home. While frustrating and visually obstructing, it is not a true indicator of leakage.

What makes modern day windows worth the investment?

In addition to improvement in frame manufacturing, most notably vinyl components, triple-seals, fly mazes and polyresin chambers work together to enhance the durability and longevity of a window or entry door. In addition, manufacturer’s like Vinylbilt, have moved away from standard window glass. Standard glass is incapable of filtering out heat in the summer or retaining heat in the winter. By utilizing LoE coatings, Vinylbilt is able to increase the insulating value by more than 40% and reducing the dreaded winter condensation.

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