Glass plays a major role in the windows and doors on your home. Which is why high performance glass choices are said to make the difference between keeping your home well insulated or left exposed to the elements and passive solar energy.


Double Low “E” glass, otherwise known as low-emissivity glass, is used in the double glazing of windows to improve thermal insulation.  Double Low E Glass features layers of transparent silver in the glass. This metallic coating is unique, in that is works in two very specific yet beneficial ways. First, it allows the glass the ability to reject the sun’s heat during the hot summer months. Then, come the winter, the glass reflects the warm furnace air back into your home.

Double Low “E” glass is considered to be the highest performing and clearest glass available, offering home owners impeccable views of the great outdoors. Based on testing, Double Low E glass coating is said to enhance insulating properties upwards of 40%. In a country where the weather is fickle and energy costs are rising, improved insulation plays an integral role in reducing monthly homeowner costs.

At BestCan, we work with window and door manufacturers who are committed to designing, manufacturing and warranting windows that provide comfort in all four seasons; be it our hot, humid summers or harsh, cold winters.


Double Low E Glass Windows Doors Ottawa

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