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Painting Hacks You’ve Been Missing All Your Life

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Let’s face it – painting is a chore. Whether you just bought your home and are about to paint it from top to bottom, or you’re just freshening up a room or two, it’s probably not the task you’ve been looking most forward to.

We’ll introduce you to a few painting hacks that you’ve been missing all your life! These tips and tricks are sure to make your painting journey an easier one.

  1. Remove Paint Roller Fuzz

Paint rollers are a great way to cover a large area with paint. Some of the time though they come with some extra fuzz on them that will just get in the way of doing a good paint job.

One vital hack to get around this is to use packaging tape as a sort of lint roller for your paint roller. This will remove any extra fuzz and make sure the paint goes onto your walls nice and smoothly.

  1. Use Cardboard to Protect Floors While Painting

Do you have some extra cardboard lying around? Using this to protect your floors is a better option than drop cloths. They don’t slip around as much, and you can cut them to size with an x-acto knife. While painting, you can slide the piece of cardboard around with you to make sure you’re always protecting your floors. The best part? Using cardboard is usually free.

  1. Fix Uneven Baseboards with Caulking

If you live in an older home, chances are your baseboards are uneven or missing chunks here and there. If you’re stumped on how to fix this or think it’s out of your skillset, we have just the hack! Use some caulking to fill in the areas before you paint. Once the paint is on there, no one will ever know that you used caulking to fill in the holes!

  1. Paint the Ceiling Before the Walls

Are you painting your ceiling too? Since rolling paint onto the ceiling results in a fine spray of paint falling onto everything below, always make sure to paint your ceiling before the walls. Painting in this order will ensure that you cover up any paint that has gotten onto the walls. There’s no sense in doing the walls first and then having to touch up the spots that the ceiling paint got onto.

  1. Remove Dust from Walls Using a Swiffer

One of the most common painting mistakes is to start painting the walls before cleaning them. Any dust or dirt that’s on your walls will still be there once you’ve painted. It’s always a good idea to use something like a Swiffer, or even a soft rag, to go over your walls and remove any dust. This will help ensure that you’re left with smooth walls once you’re done painting.

  1. Use Tinfoil to Line Your Paint Tray

Did you forget to buy plastic liners for your paint tray? A good hack to get around this is to use tinfoil. Since most of us have some tinfoil lying around in the kitchen, it’s not something you’ll need to go out of your way to use. Once you’re done painting and the paint has dried, you can just undo the tinfoil and throw it in the garbage.

We hope these tips make your painting experience a little better and easier!

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