Vinyl Siding Replacement in Nepean By BestCan Vinyl Siding Replacement in Nepean By BestCan

Upgrade Your Vinyl Siding

It has been a very busy spring for the BestCan Home Improvements team. Our renovation crews have been hard at work, assisting clients with home renovations and upgrades. The three most popular projects have been window replacements, new entry doors and last, but certainly not least, new vinyl siding. 

In Ottawa, many of the early “suburb” communities are reaching their 40 and 50 year marks in 2019. With this milestone comes a time for renewal and the BestCan team has been doing a number of siding projects. In most cases, we end up having to remove not only the surface siding product of the day, but we also replace large amounts of rotten wood. To ensure the homeowner benefits from maximum energy efficiency, we also take time to re-insulate with high value R foil.  

A recent project took our crew to Nepean. The Tanglewood community is celebrating its 30th year! In working on this home and others in the neighbourhood, we are reminded of just how much home building products have improved over the years. Gone are the days of limited colours and finishes. Today’s homeowner can now choose from authentic wood grains (with colours to match!) along with numerous styles including lap, board and batten, ultra planks and so much more. 

If you are looking to upgrade exterior or interior features of your home this year, connect with Ottawa’s family-owned and operated renovation company. We work with you to find the perfect product that not only captures attention, but is beautiful, durable and energy-efficient.