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Retrofitting Windows in Ottawa

If you attended the Ottawa Home + Garden Show over Easter weekend, you may have heard mention of companies offering window inserts or retrofitting windows in Ottawa.

vinylbilt window anatomy

Anatomy of a Window Photo Credit: VinylBilt

Window retrofitting is just one of the methods available to home and business owners who need to update or replace worn out windows. This method, commonly referred to as the Insert Window Installation Method, involves the removal of the existing window, leaving the trim and surrounding wood in place. The insert method is typically used on heritage homes, where the interior boasts precious period trim. Other examples of when a window installer may recommend this method include:

  • The existing construction allows for an insert to be installed without implication of the structure
  • The original window frame and window skill are in excellent condition, have not deteriorated, and are square
  • The window casing or trim must remain undisturbed during the installation process

While retrofitting may cause a slight loss in the window viewing area, as the new window is sized into the existing frame, the insert method does offer an alternative to a full new construction replacement window.

To learn more about windows for a new custom home, a major renovation, or if you simply shopping around to compare the pros and cons of a retrofit versus a window replacement, get in touch with the team at BestCan. We have three-plus decades of specialized experience with windows and doors, and we can help suggest the prefect product to suit your home.


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