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The Right Eavestrouhging For Your Home

On rainy days (like today) it’s always a comforting thought to know that you’ve done everything to keep yourself dry and comfortable; whether that means wearing shoes instead of sandals, wearing a raincoat or packing an umbrella, you’re properly equipped for whatever Mother nature decides to through at you.

The rain gutters on your home could be the equivalent to using an umbrella: it’s a way to channel away rainwater to prevent it from collecting in one spot and doing potential damage. There are many different types of gutters to choose from, and knowing the right choice to make is based on certain factors such as shape, materials and overall budget. Here are some tips to help make the decision that much easier:

“There are many types and styles of gutters on the market today, with the primary materials being aluminum, copper, steel, galvanized steel, zinc, and vinyl. Aluminum is the most prevalent gutter material and offers several advantages over other types. Aluminum is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and available in a wide range of colors—and it’s also often the least expensive option. Most professionals note that aluminum gutters offer the best combination of style, durability, and price.

Other choices among the metals include galvanized steel gutters, which are coated with a layer of zinc; these gutters are strong but may be prone to rusting. Steel gutters also are available with a coating of aluminum and zinc, which alleviates the rust problem but is more expensive. Zinc gutters, yet another option, are also strong and durable, and normally do not require painting or finishing. Copper gutters are an extremely upscale and attractive choice, but cost substantially more than other metals.

Anyone in the market for new gutters not only has to choose a material, but also has to select among a range of shapes, or profiles. The most popular is the “K-style,” or ogee, gutter, which has a shape similar to decorative crown molding. Fascia gutters, another alternative, feature a smooth face that performs the same function as fascia boards, hiding the edges of the rafter tails from view. All gutters come in either sectional or seamless constructions.” (Donna Boyle Schwartz,

At BestCan your Ottawa window, door, roofing, siding and home renovation specialist we can help you choose the right eavestrough system for your him. Click here to learn more about our selection and services and get a free quote!

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