With improving technology, the only real constant that people can hold onto is that change is inevitable.  ‘A penny saved, is a penny earned’ holds true, but investing that penny into the home can yield other savings, especially when it comes to energy.

Why Having a Good Roof Over your Home is Important

Here are some of the ways that your roof (and keeping it properly maintained) can help conserve energy:


The best time to address a roof’s efficiency is during a re-roofing project. If, however, you’re just not ready to spring for new shingles, you may still be able to improve your existing roof by upgrading your attic’s insulation. Insulation extends the life of a roof, and is the number-one thing that translates into energy savings for that roof.


Fresh air plays a vital role in roof health. Without some sort of ventilation, excessive attic heat can warp roof decking and shorten the useful life of the shingles. It can even pass through the insulation to the rest of the house, forcing your air-conditioning system to work harder. Intake vents (which draw fresh air into the attic), are placed along the lowest points of the roof. Cool air enters the intake vents, warms, and then rises to the top of the attic, where it exits through the exhaust vents. This natural process keeps extreme heat from building up in the attic. (Glenda Taylor, bobvila.com)

To better understand the role your roof plays when it comes to your home and how it can be best maintained, upgraded or replaced read here, and make sure to contact us for all of your professional roofing, window, door, siding and home renovation projects.