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Roofing Drainage and the Importance of Eavestroughs


Eavestroughs. Gutters. Downspouts.

No matter what you call your roof’s drainage system, the seemingly simple troughs are essential to moving water away from your home.

Every spring, the team at Bestcan Home Improvements hears from homeowners across the Ottawa region who are battling mysterious water entry points. Roofs, windows, siding, walls, even foundations. During a site visit, we often discover the source is not so mysterious – it’s either a lack of eavestroughs (yes, this happens quite regularly!), aging gutters, or downspouts that have been located too close to the foundation or the outtake extension was removed to make landscaping/lawn maintenance easier.

The Importance of Eavestough & Placement Tips

While eavestroughs may seem boring at first glance, the reality is they have a huge impact on the lifespan of your roof. Missing or failing gutters lead to the early deterioration of your home and roof. The sad fact is many of us just don’t pay attention to their purpose or bother to maintain them until it is too late. With this in mind, the roofing and eavestrough team at BestCan would like to share these tips.

  1. Multi-level homes should have eavestroughs on each level. You should not allow your upper roof to just pour water onto a lower level, hoping these gutters will be able to collect and move the water.
  2. While it may look easy to install eavestroughs, hire a professional. There are seamless options on the market that make maintenance that much easier. Not to mention a professional knows how to review the slope and will ensure the runoff is being directed at least 6+ feet away from the home. You want to protect your foundation, not ruin it!
  3. While it can be tempting to drain water into a flower bed, garden, sidewalk, or driveway, please don’t do it. If your installer included an extension pipe, you can remove it to handle your landscaping and lawn maintenance – but put it back afterwards!
  4. If you use a rain barrel to collect rainwater and it is attached to your eavestrough, be sure to monitor the water level. You do not want the barrel water overflowing into the ground near your foundation.
  5. If you spot overflowing water during a rain storm, it may be past time to inspect and clean out your gutters. Tree and environmental debris can accumulate and you want to ensure nothing clogs the trough or downspouts.
  6. If you spot missing flashing, sagging, or standing water, it’s time to ask a professional for help. While designed to last, eavestoughing is also subject to aging. A little maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of your home and its integral components.
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