bestcan ottawa vinyl siding insulationDoes your house need new vinyl siding? If so, it means you have an incredible opportunity to improve the curb appeal of your home and to improve the thermal performance of your walls!

In Ottawa, there are many neighbourhoods that showcase the changes in architecture and design techniques. From century homes to mid-century gems, there is no shortage of unique properties. However, just like modern-day homes, upkeep is essential. With the ever escalating cost of utilities in Ontario, homeowners are turning to renovation projects which provide energy retrofit opportunities. Granted most retrofits can be costly, however when the work ties into another project (vinyl siding overhaul or roof replacement), the opportunity to greatly improve the R-value is present.

This week, the BestCan crew is working in the Ottawa airport region. We are helping a couple homeowners with vinyl siding installations – with an upgrade to include rigid foam insulation. As we often say… High R-Value rigid foam insulation + new vinyl siding = toasty warm homeowners!

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