Choosing Door Hardware - Handle, Knob and Lock Selection Choosing Door Hardware - Handle, Knob and Lock Selection
Selecting Door Hardware – Quality Counts!

Using good quality home accessories is a great way to increase the visual appeal of your home. It is also a great way of building value into your property. You will save a lot on periodic repair costs, and someday if you want to sell off your old home, you can impress buyers with the quality materials used in your home. So make sure that you buy stuff like door hardware from a reputed store.

Basic Types of Door Hardware

Essentially, there are four different types of door knobs or levers. They are privacy knobs, dummy knobs, keyed entrance knobs and passage knobs. Privacy knobs are used in places where stringent locking is not required but privacy is necessary. Bedrooms and baths have privacy door knobs. Dummy knobs are used in shallow doors and keyed entrance doors are used in front doors. Passage knobs are used in connecting doors of the house.

Deadbolts are used on front doors and they can be keyed in like any other doorknob.

Door hinges are available in a variety of textures, finishes and colors to match the interior decor of your house.

Handle sets are also available in a variety of designs. You can use a more ornate style for your front door and simpler ones for other doors. You can use dummy handle sets for doors that are hardly used.

Spring door stops are mounted directly on the baseboard of your door, and they keep the knobs from drilling holes into your dry wall.

Stair brackets are used to support handrails and they are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Cabinet knobs, kick plates and b-ifold pulls are other kinds of door accessories.

Address plaques are details of occupancy which are nailed or mounted on your front door. Plaques can be customized and are available in a range of designs.

Brass letters, numbers and house numbers are also a part of door hardware accessories.

Things to check before purchasing Hardware

Check the exact measurement of the distance from the bore hole to door edges. Door hardware accessories are equipped with backsets so you should be able to quote the exact measurement to the hardware store.

Thickness of an average door is 13/8″-13/4″. A standard door bore hole prep is 21/8″ and the cross bore is generally 1″. If you have nonstandard sizes, you should contact a reputed supplier of door hardware.

The best way to get hold of a good hardware supplier is to check out the door hardware furnishings used in your neighbor’s/friend’s homes. Ask them about the quality of the door accessories used in their home. If you get positive feedback, ask for the contact details of the hardware store from where they purchased the door accessories.

The next step is to check out the selection of door hardware accessories by visiting the store in person.

Take the specific measurements of your door accessories and any other detailing that you might need before visiting the store. Inquire about the service guarantee and payment options before closing the deal.

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