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Snow, Ice & Your Roof

Canadian weather is notoriously unpredictable. One minute the grass the green, the next we are buried in snow. More often than not, once the first snowfall has arrived, more blustery days are bound to follow. Which is why around mid-December to mid-February, the BestCan crew starts to field phone calls about snow removal.

Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof?

The calls are not about snow blowing of a walkway or snow plowing of a driveway. Instead, these are genuine concerns about the cause and cure of snow and ice build up on a roof. Commonly asked questions include “Why is the snow not melting from my roof?” and “Is it safe to use a telescoping snow removal shovel?”

ottawa roof ice dam snow removalWhen it comes to snow on a roof, you technically want some. Not a lot, but some! You see, if the snow does not melt, then you know the insulation in your attic is performing optimally. Having said this, is it important to understand that too much snow or ice accumulation can cause a roof to collapse. Given their unique design, homes with flat or sloped roofs are at the greatest risk for damage due to excess weight. Other roofing elements, including eavestroughs, gutters and overhangs can also be vulnerable to damage or collapse, especially after repeated snow squalls and ice storms.

So what should a homeowner do? Telescoping roof shoves and telescoping roof rakes have gained in popularity, as they are specifically designed to reach the roof without the use of a ladder. Trust us, no one ever wants to risk a fall from a ladder. However, it is essential to understand the associated risks inherent with using a telescoping roof rake or shovel. First, snow or ice can fall down and hit the person using the tool. Second, there is a change of damage to your shingles.

In the event you have a substancial build-up of snow or ice on your roof, make a call to a professional contractor. Ask to ensure they are licensed and ensured to be working on roofs and verify their expertise in ice dam and snow removal. Sometimes a few pennies spent can mean a wealth of savings – especially when it comes to roofing.

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