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Spring Maintenance – Gutter Cleaning

Spring has officially arrived in Ottawa. This means there are a slew of chores for homeowners to undertake. One task often forgotten but critically important is gutter cleaning. This maintenance chore should be performed twice-yearly; ideally in the fall and spring.

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Gutters are intended to protect your home from water damage by efficiently draining water away from the roof and further funnelling it away from your house via a downspout. When performing optimally, a gutter system is designed to protect your home; the roof, the soffits, the fascia and the siding. When the gutters and downspouts become clogged water can back up and damage critical components of your home.

gutter cleaning ottawaExperts, like the team at BestCan Home Renovations, firmly believe that regular maintenance and examination of your gutters can help reduce long-term damage and help avoid costly repairs. From the ground it is very difficult to see inside the gutter, which is why regular maintenance is key. Gutters are prone to clogging, thanks to environmental debris like leaves and twigs. If on a rainy day you notice water flowing over the side of your gutter or lack of water from the end of the downspout, you should make it a point to locate and clear the clog.

In the event your gutters are clogged with small, loose pieces of granular roofing asphalt, it may be time to have a roofing expert take a look at your shingles. In most instances, uniform granular loss happens as part of the long-term aging process. However, there are instances of premature shingle failure, in which case it can be beneficial to have a roofing expert provide guidance.

Gutter Cleaning – Safety First!

Gutter cleaning requires the use of a ladder. The team at BestCan reminds everyone to please use proper ladder safety. When in doubt, contact a professional to assist with gutter cleaning and roofing inspections. For suggestions or referrals in the Ottawa region, please contact us at 613-226-7611


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