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Spring Window Maintenance

When you selected your windows, you probably wanted to combine good insulation, good energy performance, beautiful aesthetics and good value for your money. Which is why regular maintenance can help ensure you extend the life of your investment.

Maintenance of window frames

Your window frames are very important. They support your glass sealed unit and require specific maintenance, so you must learn about the specifications of your window frames.

Here are a few examples:

  • PVC frames: easy maintenance that only requires mild soap and water. Once washed, just rinse with lots of water and the job is done!
  • Aluminum frames: annual cleaning with soapy water.
  • Wood frames: more delicate cleaning that may require special products. It is best to contact a wood frame installer for suggestions and recommendations.

Window maintenance

It is very important to properly maintain the windows. Regardless of whether you have wood, aluminum or PVC windows, you must wash them regularly.

Here are a few tips for cleaning your windows:

  • Prepare a mild vinegar-based dish soap water mixture.
  • Use microfiber cloths or a squeegee (clean from top to bottom); dry with a soft cloth

Be careful not to use abrasive or granular products. This could damage your windows.

General maintenance tips for your windows

The maintenance of your windows also includes other aspects. This should include:

  • Cleaning the window seals thoroughly with soap and water (dry with a soft synthetic cloth)
  • Dusting the grooves on a regular basis
  • Lubricating locks, hardware and hinges annually

Here too, it is strongly advised not to use abrasive products or products that contain granular elements. This will help you to avoid damaging your windows.

Proper maintenance of your windows will prolong their useful life

Whether you have windows made of PVC, wood or even aluminum, it is important to keep them in tip-top shape. At the end of the day, regular maintenance is often the key to making your windows last longer.

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