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Summer Maintenance of Vinyl Siding

IMG_7039While rainwater can certainly help keep your home’s exterior vinyl siding looking clean, drought conditions across Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley have lead to siding looking a little dirty and tired.

In the event you do not live in a water ban area and want to do a little sprucing up this Canada Day long weekend, consider taking a few minutes to give you vinyl siding a little clean.

Easy Washing – Garden Hose Method
Vinyl siding is manufactured to facilitate easy cleaning. A simple garden hose spray of cold water can do a long way in removing surfance dirt. If the environmental grime or debris proves to have adhered, a soft cloth, sponge or long-handed bristle brush (soft to medium) can help clean out the textured areas. The team at BestCan likes to work from the bottom up, especially if you are working with a cleaning solution. You do not want it to dry and leave water spots!

Tackling Tough Stains, Mildew and Algae – Power Washer Method

If you want to tackle tough stains, mildew or algae growth, you may want to take advantage of a little more power. Follow all the instructions from your power washer and vinyl siding manufacturer, to ensure you safely clean the surface. Most manufacturer’s recommend holding power washer at eye level, not upwards into the vinyl siding breathing holes. Also remember to take special care or wash by hand around electrical outlets, windows, doors and plumbing connections.

Vinyl Siding Cleaners 

IMG_7040While BestCan does not endorse or recommend any specific vinyl siding cleaners or processes, there is certainly a long list of commonly used vinyl siding cleaners. Some homeowners swear by the vinegar and water method, others use diluted laundry detergent, others yet use products available at major home renovation stores specifically designed for vinyl siding. No matter what choice you make, it is strongly advised to never use cleaners like furniture polish, solvents, undiluted chlorine bleach or swimming pool chlorine, grease removers and other harsh chemicals.

No matter what product you decide you use, always be sure to test a small area and allow to fully dry before proceeding.



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