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Tips for Successful Home Renovations

BestCan prides itself on being a family owned company that has been fortunate enough to help 40,000 customers (and counting) since 1970 with new windows and doors. Beyond that, we are able to provide professional roofing, soffits, fascia and eavestrough, siding and home renovation services.

When it comes to home renovations, homeowners should make certain considerations in order to have a project conducted successfully.


Talk to your renovator about your household’s daily schedule, vacations you have planned, or any special circumstances that need to be accommodated so that they can be factored into your project’s work plan and schedule. That way, particularly disruptive or messy parts of the process — such as refinishing hardwood floors — can be arranged for when you are away or can make alternate, short-term living arrangements. Busy on-site work times can be aligned with your family’s schedule so crews won’t be hammering away while you are trying to feed your kids breakfast.


Clear out the areas that will be impacted by the renovation and also consider temporarily removing valuables from other parts of your home, such as art, that could be affected by vibration. Depending on the scale of your project, you might want to rent storage space or bring in a portable storage container. If you are storing things in boxes, be sure to label the boxes with an inventory. That way when you need something, you can find it.” (source:

BestCan is your best choice for enhancing different elements of your home. Click to learn more about how we can help you with your specific project, and get a FREE quote today!

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