The following is a news release from VinylBilt.

We are proud to announce that Cardinal’s Preserve™ window film now comes standard on Vinylbilt windows.

Cardinal IG Company’s Preserve™ window film provides an end-to-end solution to dirty and marred windows. Preserve™ is a factory installed transparent film that protects your glass during installation. The protective film protects new windows from filth and scratches.

When the job is done, and your new windows are installed and ready to go, Preserve can simply be peeled away to reveal spotless, pristine windows.

Skip the first cleaning with Preserve!

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  • Dramatically reduces the number of glass units damaged during shipping, handling, and installation.
  • Manufacturers’ labels and stickers are applied to the film, not the glass surface, eliminating the difficulty in removing labels.
  • Allows natural light into the worksite, which would otherwise be lost if conventional cardboard or paper masking was used.