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Why We Choose Entryguard Doors

The doors painted in ancient Egyptian tombs were meant to allow the deceased’s spirit to cross back into the world of the living to receive offerings left by visitors. The Romans worshiped Janus, the god of doors, gates, and transitions. 

While the doors at your home may have less of a transcendental vibe, they are still essential to improve curb appeal, increase security, stop drafts, eliminate noise, and provide all-weather protection against the elements. 

We choose Entryguard Doors. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. Versatility
Modern homes often use extra-large entrance doors or double doors for a generous entrance. Whereas heritage homes typically have very narrow doorways. Custom-made Entryguard Doors meet the precise measurement of your door opening and do not compromise energy efficiency for style or appearance.

2. Rigorous Testing
Backed by decades of manufacturing knowledge and innovation, Entryguard Doors are meticulously tested for long-term thermal quality and structural integrity and consistently meet or surpass nationally recognized standards. 

3. Easy Maintenance.
Made in Canada, all Entryguard Doors are constructed to provide homeowners with simple upkeep. The door won’t rot, split, corrode, swell or warp from exposure to moisture. They will keep their beautiful appearance for years with very little maintenance. 

4. Great Customer Support.
Entryguard Doors stands behind their products, with a manufacturer’s lifetime limited, transferable warranty. 

5. Made in Canada.
Express your individual style with custom made Entryguard Doors. Single or double doors, plain or more ornate, as an approved Entryguard Doors dealer, we look forward to earning your trust when it comes to choosing the best replacement doors for your home.

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