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Window Condensation

window condensationDuring the winter months, the team at BestCan is often receives calls or emails about “window condensation”.  In some cases, the windows are 15 to 20 years old, in other cases the windows are installed in a new build of less than 2-3 years.  So why are windows both old and new home to condensation?

What is Window Condensation?

Window condensation is caused by the humidity level in your home.  The more water vapour in the air when the glass surface becomes cold, the more condensation you may see occurring.  Essentially the condensation occurs on the coldest part of a window – its glass.

Granted high-efficiency windows have increased insulation, however they are still prone to developing condensation if you have high levels of moisture in the air.

How do I get rid of window condensation, frost or ice?

Not surprisingly, many homeowners want the window condensation gone.  First things first, if your home is equipped with a Heat Recovery Ventilator (NRV), ensure the ventilation is not recirculating too often.  Other avenues you may wish to consider: run a dehumidifier, use exhaust fans when in the kitchen or bathroom, increase the heat of your home, and keep your blinds and curtains open for improved air circulation.

For ventilation ideas, we suggest reviewing this guide written by Tom Feiza – Fogged Up? Clearing the Air About Window Condensation

Condensation Between the Panes 

Unlike condensation on the interior window glass, condensation between the panes is a sign the window seal has broken.  If your window manufacturer carries a lifetime warranty against seal failure, we recommend following the warranty process.  In the event your windows are not warrantied, give the team at BestCan a call for a consultation.  Phone 613-226-7611 or email

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