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Window Materials and Choosing The Right Fit
At BestCan, we often receive phone calls asking for insight on why there are so few window “choices”. When we ask the caller to clarify what “choices”, we discover the question is really about window materials.

Wooden Windows

Once upon a time, a window consisted of a hole in the wall. The process evolved into paper windows and glass windows, and eventually we ended up with windows manufactured from wood and glass. While certainly a solid choice, and still seen in use today, wooden windows are not without their problems.

Wood windows require a great deal of upkeep, including caulking and painting. This is to ensure the wood does not absorb moisture, causing the number one wooden window complaint: stuck shut or hard to open and close. Improperly maintained wooden windows are prone to rot, which if left unresolved, leads into problems with the walls surrounding the window opening.

Aluminum Windows

Manufacturing processed evolved and along came aluminium windows. Still in use today, aluminum windows are known for being very strong but they do have downfalls. Aluminum windows have painted powder-coated surfaces, which can easily be scratched. When this occurs, the metal underneath becomes visible. Aluminum is prone to pitting and over time the fasteners (commonly zinc or steel) can react with the aluminum and corrode. Finally, the most common complaint about aluminum windows is they act like “radiators”. They bring unwanted heat from the outside and warm up a room. In turn, during the winter months they conduct cold, again acting as poor insulators. While modern-day aluminum window manufacturer’s are offering special “thermal break” protection to compete with vinyl windows, for many the choice becomes clear – vinyl windows are a perfect choice for new builds or replacement applications.

Vinyl Windows

At BestCan, we work with a Canadian industry leader, KV Windows. Backed by years of experience in window manufacturing and performance sciences, KV Windows manufactures new and replacement vinyl windows to the precise measurement of your window opening. Unlike stock windows or ready-made window, this ensure you are getting a window properly fitted to your home. It also ensures you can select the level of energy-efficiency (glass and performance options), colours (a wide array) and appearance (enhance your home’s décor).

So, why choose a vinyl window over wooden windows or aluminum windows?

  • Countless colours and finishing options
  • If chipped or scratched, any exposed parts look identical
  • Resistant to scratching or cracking under Canadian temperature extremes
  • Little fading and no pitting
  • Impressive and rated Energy Efficiency and Thermal Performance
  • Far less condensation when compared to wood or aluminum windows
  • Vinyl does not allow for heat or cold transfer like aluminum
  • Amazing noise reduction

If you are considering windows for a new home or need to update underperforming windows, give the team at BestCan a call. We would love to show you how custom KV windows are manufactured and crafted to enhance the look and feel of your home, all while keeping your protected from the elements.

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