We recently met with two clients who had been promised Energy Star windows for their renovation project. In both cases, the clients did their homework before “signing on the dotted line” and discovered the manufacturer was not Energy Star Canada certified.

While we may own and operate BestCan, we are also consumers. Like our clients, we appreciate the value of open and honest relationships. As such, we wanted to ensure homeowners planning for renovations this year are aware of the online tools made available by Natural Resources Canada to verify claims being made by fenestration manufacturers/installers.

Why Buy ENERGY STAR® certified windows, doors and skylights?

In Canada’s cold climate, heating space can account for a whopping 63% of a home’s energy consumption. Furthermore, windows can account for approximately 25% of your home’s total heat loss. For this reason, windows, doors and skylights certified to be ENERGY STAR Most Efficient specifications are even more efficient—up to 40% more compared to a standard double-pane window. Trust us, this adds up when you review your utility bills!

In Canada, only the following products are eligible for ENERGY STAR certification:

  • Windows (operable and fixed)
  • Doors (hinged and sliding)
  • Door sidelites and tansoms (windows beside or above the door)
  • Skylights (standard and tubular)

Before ordering replacement or new windows, do your research. Visit the NRC website and search the product lists:

Shopping tips

  1. If you’re ordering in a showroom, ask for only ENERGY STAR certified products for your climate zone.
  2. Use the online graph to determine your ENERY STAR climate zone before you go shopping. Every ENERGY STAR certified window, door and skylight has an ENERGY STAR label that indicates the Canadian climate zone or zones the product qualifies for.
  3. For additional savings, speak to the fenestration manufacturer or installer about selecting a certified product that is designed for a colder climate zone than your own (if applicable!).