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Windows: Single, Double & Triple Pane

Did you know more than 25% of your home’s heat loss occurs through windows?  Upgrading your windows (and doors, and skylights) can be an effective way to curb energy loss.  While Energy Star certified products can make it easier to select the right window, understanding the different types of glass can also play a factor.

When it comes to window glass, let us take a look at single-pane, double-pane and triple-pane.

IMG_3865Single-pane windows are typically found in use on older homes.  Single-pane is the most cost-effective, but least energy-efficient option of window glass.  At BestCan, we often suggest a single-pane glass window to customers updating or building their own gardening sheds, tool sheds, garages and rural-style outbuildings.

If you have single-pane glass windows in your home, and an upgrade is not financially viable – we strongly recommend the use of insulating film during the winter months.

BestCan Ottawa Double Pane Windows Glass
Double-pane windows, otherwise called dual-pane windows, can be found in most modern-day homes.  In contrast to single-pane, double-pane adds second layer of glass.   In most cases, krypton or argon gas is inserted between the panes and acts as an insulator from the heat and cold.

The majority of window replacements BestCan performs is with double-pane windows.  However, we often warn our clients – not all windows are created equal.  Do you research, and ensure your newly chosen double-pane windows are manufactured by a reputable company.  A poorly made double-pane window could result lacklustre energy-efficiency or the dreaded “between the panes condensation”.

Triple-pane windows are offered by many leading window manufacturers in Canada.  This is due to our varying elements, extreme temperatures and ultimately the climate here in the great white north.  Triple-pane windows have three layers of glass, with insulating gas or air inside the middle of each pane.  Like double-pane windows, triple-pane windows can be prone to condensation between the panes should a seal fail.

Triple-pane windows offer incredible sound barriers, and afford more energy-efficiency compared to double-pane.  They are noted for being much heavier and durable.  However, they are far more costly to purchase and install.

For those seeking the greatest efficiency from their new windows, triple-pane can make an ideal choice.


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