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Winter Renovation Project – Painting Trim

This week, we look at another popular wintertime project – the painting of trim in your home.

Baseboards, Window Casings, Door Casings & Crown Moulding

No matter the age of a home, baseboards and door casings take a beating. From sweeping to vacuuming, to everyday wear and tear, baseboards are notorious for getting scuffed, dinged, or chipped. And while crown mouldings escape the fate bestowed on baseboards and door trim, they do start to look tired and may develop cracks that require filling.

If this sounds like the trim in your home, rest assured a little paint can perk up the accent features of your home!

Painting Tips & Tricks

When it comes to painting baseboards, window door casings or crown mouldings, there are plenty of online resources with amazing tips and tricks. Here is a selection of websites and videos to get you started!

First, if you need to fix gaps in your painted crown moulding, there is a very popular trick shared on Sawdust Girl:

How to Fix Gaps in Crown Molding

When it comes to patching and painting the trim around your home, there is no shortage of online resources to guide you. From the smooth and perfect lovers, check out the detailed photos from The Family Handyman.

For those who prefer to learn from videos, HowToFixUp has the solution for you!

Finally, any painting project can benefit from the secrets of the pros. For this reason, we must share the amazing resource from This Old House.

Want to Replace Your Trim?

Despite their low-lying position, baseboards play a critical role in tying together the elements of your home. A wide trim choice can make your home seem more regal or put together. Whereas a baseboard that is too slim or narrow will have little to no impact.

In Ottawa, the team at BestCan fields many calls about updating baseboards. Many homes built in the 1950s through to 1980s have very minimalist baseboards, window casings or door casings. As one client said “sometimes you need to take things from small to tall”. If an overhaul of your trim is in order, give us a call. We are happy to share our experience or to help you estimate the cost of your desired project.

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