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Winter Renovations – Updating Interior Doors

It can be hard to make updates to the curb appeal of your home during the winter. Which is why so many homeowners use the long, cold months to get interior projects completed. From refreshing wall paint to impressive basement renovations, there is certainly no shortage of ways to enhance your home.

One of the popular projects involves a very practical part of your home. For some reason, we never think twice about using our interior doors – going in and out of rooms, accessing closets, closing off the utility spaces in our home – yet we never give them much love or consideration. Doors take a lot of use and abuse, so they often show signs of unnoticed wear and tear.

Updating Interior Doors

interior doors hardwareTake a walk though your home, paying careful attention to your interior doors. Would a coat of paint and updated hardware improve the look? Or, would it be best to replace the door entirely – therefore giving you a more modern or customized look?

Bi-fold doors and sliding doors can be replaced with the more popular and functional double door. Whereas basements and rooms in need or more light can benefit from French-style, Asian influenced or mid-century styled windowpane doors.

While selecting a new door style can be fun, the costs will vary drastically from supplier to supplier. Another consideration is the installation process. While installing interior doors can be a job for a DIY’er, sometimes getting a door, the hinges or the handle location to line up can be a real challenge.

Hire a Pro -or- Do It Yourself?

When it comes to an update or overhaul of your interior doors, it is best to do some homework. Establish a budget and set your goals. Painting is likely the most affordable option, with replacement hardware (hinges and/or handles) potentially tying with the cost to replace a door. It will all come down to chosen styles and quality – so shopping around will be key.

If replacement doors are in your future, it might be helpful to work with a qualified installer. Doors typically do not just pop into place – there can be shaping, trimming and cutting involved. Not to mention some homes may require new mouldings to accommodate the change in door.


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